pupillaquadra emerges from the union of multidisciplinary activities in visual design and springs from the long-standing cooperation of its founders


Through reasearched and targeted communication we promote events and advertise the work and history of commercial, institutional and show-business enterprises, offering a coordinated image on multiple levels: from printed material and packaging to audio-visual documentation, motion graphics to performance-orientated events such as video mapping and live media shows, and also by experimenting with original and viral ideas typical of guerrilla marketing.
pupillaquadra furthermore takes advantage of the collaboration of musicians, photographers, VJs, video artists, graphic artists and performers, with the aim of creating a media experience that rises from the fusion of various disciplines.


Every enterprise, large or small, has its story, conveying its background and expertise. Stories make us human and help us grow, and in them people can recognize themselves, creating bonds of emotion and trust. pupillaquadra's task is to tell these stories by means of narration and through the most appropriate media, always promoting quality and exclusiveness of content.


  • Andrea Montagnani
    visual art / photography / stage design
  • Elena La Placa
    graphic design
  • Dario Busini
    video / illustration